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We are currently scheduling Instant Interviews. To request an Interview, you will have to do so via our scheduling page. You can find the link to this on our “Interview” page. A contribution of at least $10 is required. Once paid, the requested date/time of your interview will be confirmed. Scheduling is based on the availability of our interview dates and times.


Sponsors play a major role in our marketing campaigns and ours in theirs. Become a sponsor like our current Sponsors: ; & !!

Music Submissions

We are always eager to listen to your music submissions! If chosen, your music will be added to our playlist and/or an interview will be requested. All genres welcome!

Promotion & Advertising

We are currently running a promotion called “30 for $30”. With this, we will promote you or your brand for 30 days at a rate of $30 per month. 2-3 posts per day of the content of your choosing will be promoted via our social media outlets. Need advertising? Then we can help. Advertise at any of our available banner slots on our website. Rates start at $10 a month. Inquire via contact page.

About Us

Star Music Radio is dedicated to providing the World with the musical content that they desire.
"Be Great. Be You."

Star Music Radio Station was developed by T-Huny in December of 2010 and Relaunched in the Fall of 2015. Stationed in Connecticut, USA; SMRadio (Star Music Radio) has become National gaining listeners Worldwide in locations such as The United States, Europe, Canada and Japan. T-Huny developed SMRadio to provide artist alike with a platform to stand on. The support of SMRadio will help advance the careers of both Independent artists, Mainstream artists and businesses. The music played is not solely based off of popularity but rather a representation of what true music art form means.

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Mrs. LaTasha Williamson, better known as “T-Huny”; is the Owner & CEO of Star Music Radio Station. Besides running the radio station, T-Huny is a Music Artist, Songwriter, Actress, Poet and Designer. T-Huny also enjoys developing websites.
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Radio Host / Marketing
CEECEE is a Star Music Radio Top Radio Personality Host and a Marketing Representative. Aside from the radio station she is an active blogger and life coach.
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Content Writer
L.Cook is a dedicated content writer to Star Music Radio. L.Cook writes content for our blog section as well as articles and concepts based off of everything from entertainment to lifestyles.

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