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Star Music Radio Station (SMR) was first introduced in December of 2012 and then relaunched in September of 2015. Founder & CEO, LaTasha ‘T-Huny’ Williamson  has changed SMR’s whole outlook and approach. Now, a Faith Based and Inspirational Radio Station,  we have the capabilities to continue our motivation but in a more positive and inspiring way. Our goal is not to only promote Faith, Integrity and Religion but to also encourage and uplift those who may need it. To push those who have stopped trying. To inspire those that need a change. To provide not only financial or material support but also emotional support to families and individuals who inquires it. We support indie brands. We support indie artists. We support our local and worldwide communities alike and with your assistance, we will continue to be a fresh breathe of air to all that require it.

Our Story

Stationed in Connecticut, USA; Star Music Radio Station (SMR) has become National gaining listeners Worldwide in locations such as The United States, Europe, Canada and Japan. T-Huny developed SMR to provide artists alike with a platform to stand on. The support of SMR will help advance the careers of both Independent artists, Mainstream artists and businesses. The music played is not solely based off of popularity but rather a representation of what true music art form means. Being a big advocate on family, SMR is geared towards assisting in the development of our future by providing clean music for our youth to be inspired by. Music is such a powerful platform to have and those who provides such content is responsible in a way to promote positively by not only speaking about it but by actually getting involved. Music is a gift and those that have such gifts should use them in a positive way. Star Music Radio Station is currently organizing new ways to enable our communities, youth and leaders to push for a better way of life by spreading the word of God.


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LaTasha ‘T-Huny’ Williamson

Founder & CEO

Interesting Fact: Allergic to any and everything orange! lol

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Content Writer

Interesting Fact: can sneeze without blinking…well not really but she tries to lol.

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Talent Scout

Interesting Fact: Can rap super fast while chewing an entire pack of gum!

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