About Us

Our Mission

Star Music Radio Station is founded by LaTasha ‘T-Huny” Williamson. Our mission is to provide every artist, entrepreneur, and business person alike with the opportunity to shine. We believe that every individual has a gift and that is what separates one from the next. We invite people to express themselves on Star Music Radio through writing, story sharing, music, motivational speeches, etc. This in return contributes to the goals we have set forth, which one being to help cultivate the community by providing the resources to do so.

Our Purpose

Star Music Radio is not just an online broadcasting company but a huge community advocate for the well-being of people mentally, emotionally and physically. We aim to succeed by providing our listeners with positive, motivating and inspiring content. We aim to provide the youth with free courses run by volunteers who will professionally assist in the growth and knowledge of their interests in the entertainment business. Star Music Radio  Station is bigger than just music alone, as we stand on a foundation built off of Faith, Inspiration and Motivation. 

Meet the Team

We are a group of individuals with a foundation built off of unity, love and Faith.

Owner & Radio Director
Interviewer & Promoter
Content Developer

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