The Ryan Show

NZO and Mr. Menza

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Airing every Thursday at 10 pm EST

Tonight’s Special Guests: Professional Wrestler and Emcee NZO and Mr. Menza

Professional wrestling, and hip hop often both require BIG PERSONALITIES on the mic. This weeks guest fit the criteria for the above. @real1 has been building a bridge between hip hop & wrestling while creating his own lane to maintain mainstream relevance. Find out what nZo has been up to since his transition to independence.

@mrmenzamenza & @anthonyjpolice joined us to discuss their weekend in Miami on the set of @drinkchamps alongside @wearedcm artist @therealnature. Be sure to check out their latest write up on @stupiddope about the creation and rise of #TheRyanShowFM available for reading in the *LINK IN THE @theryanshow BIO*

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