Author Elvis Butcher Interview w/ L.Cook

6 April 2017 Blog Interview


Author: Elvis Butcher

Book: “Matrix of Man”

Interviewer: L.Cook

L Cook: Hi! I am so excited to interview you today. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me. Your book, Matrix of a Man: Constructed lies and the fallacy of freedom is on such a deep and spiritual topic. What is the story behind creating this masterpiece of information?

Elvis Butcher:  Hi! thank you for your time. And thank you for the kind words about my book Matrix of Man. The story behind it is that I always felt like something was wrong or missing in the life concerning people of color. And like in the movie The Matrix I felt like the Neo in the movie. I felt like there had to be a more simple answer as to why many people dislike people of color so in my discoveries I found out many things that our parents, professors, and pastors did not tell us.

L Cook: That’s so interesting. I can definitely relate to feeling like there are missing puzzle pieces in our history. What was the most shocking discovery that has been kept from the masses, that you have made to date?

Elvis Butcher: Thank you. Absolutely. So I wrote a book to hopefully wake my people up from their mental and spiritual comas. To hopefully help sound the alarm to we are not who we think we are Some of the discoveries are we are not African American. Nor are we “Black”. Black is a color in a crayon box.

L Cook: I have seen a YouTube video on YouTube, about that. It was pretty shocking. How difficult have you found it to conduct your research on such sensitive topics that have been purposely covered up?

Elvis Butcher: Not to difficult after the unraveling of the construct begins one will start picking up more and more info. Then one will began to discover other books such as ” From Babylon Timbuktu, The 13 Tribe ect…ect.. And for me this construct that was set up for us to believe a certain way really started to unravel once I discovered who we really are Bibically. Which I explain in my book An another very good book to read is ” The Mis-Education of the Negro.

L Cook: I will have to add that to my to read list! Do you have any other favorite texts or books that you like to read or have used in your research?

Elvis Butcher: One main book that I’m now slowly rereading is the Bible KJV. This is the ultimate standard of truth. Even with the Bible I began to ask questions of my heavenly father. Why is the Apocrypha not included in the bible anymore? I now have an Apocrypha and understand why it was taken out of the bible by certain powers and rulers in high places that operate the Matrix of Man, this construct that they have set up for all of us. What I attempted to make clear in my book is that 1. We are oppressed, 2. We are not who we think we are. 3. I reveal who is our oppressor , who we really are and how we can wake up.

L Cook: That is amazing. I find the KJV Bible to be a great resource as well. What are some of the things you have read in the Apocrypha?

Elvis Butcher: Wake up and over come.

L Cook: I’m also very interested in your writing process. What does a typical writing session look like for you?

Elvis Butcher: I’m currently reading book of Esdras. My writing process is when I have obtain much info in my little brain and can find time to write I began to write. Usually when the writing juices are flowing I write until I fall asleep on the computer.

L Cook: Are you more of an edit as you go writer, or do you hold off on editing until the first draft is complete?

Elvis Butcher: I attempt to edit as I go however since I write until I fall asleep I’ve discovered later that I was wrote a sentence of 2 or 15 while falling asleep! Thus going back to edit after I’m fully awake.

L Cook: Yes, this is something I do as well. Lol. Who are your biggest influences when it comes to writing?

Elvis Butcher: Paulo Coeh, Carter G. Woodson The late Dr. Myles Munro J.A. Rogers Rudolph R. Windsor.

L Cook: A very interesting selection! How does your spirituality affect tour writing?

Elvis Butcher: For me whatever I read about life, people ans such I will check it against the bible to the best of my ability. My writing is the same way. My spirituality is very much revealed in my writing.

L Cook: That is a great thing to minister to people with writing. It’s a unique gift. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me today. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Elvis Butcher: Thank you for your time! I really appreciate you interviewing me. You are very good at this! Surely you will be getting a raise very soon! Than you for your time again. And thank you for reading Matrix of Man- constructed lies & the fallacy of freedom.

L Cook: No problem! The pleasure was all mines. And thanks so much for your kind words.


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