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Big Dreams & Small Cars

todayMarch 7, 2021 90

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Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

What does it take to make it big? I’m talking big big – or evening small big. The word big is defined by how you view what the level of success that you are setting to reach. Personally, I do not have a cap or limit to my definition of success, because I do all at Godspeed.

Sometimes, we can be so busy that our main focus is on what’s less important than our actual purpose. Everyone has a purpose, but it’s really up to you, if you’ve found that purpose or even chose to fulfill that purpose once it’s been discovered. Making it to the top can be to change one life at a time, or to impact thousands. I find no cap on success, just like there is no limit to how much on can learn.

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

One very important and fundamental value is to live within your means. Some artists, are starving, literally they have no money for anything, let alone to invest in their own music career. A great path to start on would be living within your means. So dream big – but get a car on the status of having no status at all. What I mean by living within your means, is to live as if you have less money than you actually do. So, if you make $50k a year, then live like you’re making $30k. If you live under what you can afford, then you can save quicker, and more effectively. So, if you can coupon, then coupon or only buy what you actually need or can use. Do not buy unless you have to.

The same rules applies to your music career as well. Instead of hiring someone to record you record, learn how to do that simple process yourself. Save every penny you got and then take your savings and invest, invest, invest. I can’t stress that anymore. Learn how to mix and master, or producer your records, or film simple music videos. These skills will come in handy. I personally learned how to engineer, do graphic design, websites and I plan to learn how to produce beats and mix and master really well. I am also currently teaching myself how to produce shows and music videos. Practice makes perfect, so use the ideas I just gave you and get to work!



Written by: LaTasha 'T-Huny' Williamson

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