Power Couple: Chris and Renee Davenport from Vibez Tv

Written by on October 25, 2019

Chris and Renee Davenport from Catch The Vibez will be on Star Music Radio with T-Huny, Sunday, Nov 17th, 2019!

Chris and Renee Davenport

“This is a show that brings everybody down to one level; ground level… I
knew exactly what type of show I wanted to create, but it had to be extraordinary enough to have a lasting impact. And not only that, but to perhaps open one’s eyes to understanding of different perspectives. In order to gain this, you must be open and ready to Catch the Vibez!”
-Chris D., Founder

When it comes to the world of tv & film, Vibez Tv is submerging to the surface. While incorporating both tv and studio interviews, the Founder, Chris Davenport, also adds live performances to his shows. The purpose of Vibez Tv is to bring people together by observing each other’s perspectives and understanding where they are coming from.

Power Couple, Chris and Renee Davenport has a tv show called “Catch The Vibez”. This show focuses on real life issues geared towards allowing people to share stories and their opinions. Some topics covered is business, entertainment, culture and life experiences.

Currently, Season 2 of Vibez Tv is being filmed. These new episodes will feature event coverage, more guests hosts and quality interviews. Chris D, is also planning to release a new Vibez Tv show called Millennial Vibez. This show will be aimed to capture the attention of teenagers by discussing relatable topics.

“It’s all about perspective and understanding”, says Chris D. “It’s important to get out and live. Embrace what you may not know, understand, or vibe with. Vibez is about what happens in our everyday lives; and to know that what happens in yours, doesn’t happen in other’s. Then again, it may be exactly the same, but you wouldn’t know until you Caught The Vibez.” Chris D., Founder

The content to some of Vibez Tv shows can be seen on Facebook and also on YouTube.

Fun Fact: Aside from producing tv shows, Chris Davenport is an actor known for playing a cashier in the 2018 film “Noxious”.

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