Inspirational Interview w/ Music Artist De’Andre by L.Cook

23 March 2017 Blog Interview


Music Artist: DE’ANDRE

Interviewer: L.COOK


L.Cook: De’Andre, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me, here at Star Music Radio, about your inspirations as a music artist. When did you first realize that you wanted to become an artist?

De’Andre: I first realized that I wanted to be a music artist…I would say at the age of 19. I really got into the lyrics and how I was delivering my delivery and also with my word play, not thinking about this is just doing it for fun but to try to push what I’m doing and try to get it to the next level.

L.Cook:  So, what does it mean to you to make music with the people you grew up with?

De’Andre: At the time we were recording together it was cool, everyday or every other day. We say let’s get in the studio and we go in there put on some instrumentals get motivated and then start writing; but to see all of us writing and focused on the lyrics was a cool feeling though. Us thinking that this can get us somewhere…

L.Cook: What did you learn from dealing with being sold a dream at a young age?

De’Andre: What I’ve learned from being sold a dream is that the business like the world is funny and you can’t just put your trust into anybody at all. Don’t believe what anybody just tells you from the start because in the end it could all be “bs”. But the main factor (of) what I learned (was) never give up on your dreams and aspirations (and) what don’t kill you only makes you stronger! NEVER QUIT!

L.Cook: What advice do you have for aspiring artists out there?

De’Andre: Advice I have for any inspiring artists is, if you have a vision to start off with, go for it. It can’t be brought into reality if it stays a vision. You want to become successful, it starts with a thought in your head… “I wanna become successful one day.” As you’re growing you’re working on that thought to becoming successful later on in life and the only one who can stop you, is you. (Dream to Reality) (Vision, Focus) see it then do it!

L.Cook: Now, let’s talk about your inspirations outside of music. How has your daughter changed your life?

De’Andre: My daughter has definitely changed my life in a big way. Me being a first time dad/father it puts a smile on my face everyday when I wake up and I’m thinking of her, knowing I’m living for my little girl. It gives me the motivation to live when I’m thinking life (is) too hard but I got to get it for her, my lil Nala. It gives me (a) better aspect of living.

L.Cook: How does having another child on the way ( congrats!) inspire you?

De’Andre: Thank you, having another child on the way inspires me twice as much because I got to get it for my little girl, and then I really got to get it now for the both of them. So it puts a great deal of inspiration and motivation in my life now. I can’t stop and I won’t stop.

L.Cook:  It sounds like your children are your strength in life! Speaking of strengths, would you rather be a solo artist or work with your friends?

De’Andre: I’m a solo artist now but back then it was cool rapping with the homies/friends but I would say I would rather be a solo artist based on today and how we all branched out; but it would be a most definite thought to work with the homies again.

L.Cook: Do you have any friends entering the competition along side you?

De’Andre: No, I entered the competition by myself.

L.Cook: Any words for you competitors?

De’Andre: The first competition was just a practice run for me, but guarantee (if) I get back in the competition (that) I am definitely going all out like it ain’t nothing left. Next time… I got it!

L.Cook: What’s the first thing you will do if you win the Coast2Coast competition?

De’Andre: The first thing I would do if winning the competition is Thank the Man upstairs and then I’ll grab my daughter and kiss her playfully and tell her daddy did it and then I would go celebrate!

L.Cook: De’Andre, I would like to thank you for chatting with me today, here on Star Music Radio. Shoutouts to our CEO, T-Huny and all of our dedicated listeners and readers worldwide. I wish you the best of luck in your career and I pray that you have a healthy new baby! Take care.


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