Do you want to be Fly or Invisible?

14 August 2017 Blog Post

To be seen, fly….to be hidden, invisible. Which of the two defines your personality and is there really a difference?

I personally find being invisible as an attribute to tolerate the emotion’s inside of you. Not owning but knowing the difference between attracting unnecessary conflicts of attention and not. Invisible, to ignore the constants to contribute to something different. Not wanting to deal with certain emotions that derive from others who’s opinions do not necessarily matter. Invisible to the eye, but not the mind. I find invisible traits to link to creativity, as one explores other options to release what is not seen. Can being invisible be a negative thing, absolutely, but in the same manner it could also be a good thing. Occurrences that should.  Good in a sense of keeping to one’s self to avoid or prevent unwarranted issues, but bad because an idle mind can lead to trouble. Being able to keep balance will allow you to  benefit from the trait of invisibility.

Now, to be fly can mean a host of things such as having “it” all together or dressed to impress. But the definition in which I want to discuss is that of seeking attention for the purpose of others to notice. Let’s be honest, some people are attention seekers. Some purposely allow their way of thinking to interfere with the knowledge that our mind’s are key. Being fly is a good thing but can also be seen as the complete opposite. Not wanting to be around a person that is uncaringly loud can lead to the offset of invisibility traits. I personally find those that are “fly” to be courageous, honest and fearless, true, outspoken and blunt.

So, is it possible to be fly and invisible at the same time? Do you find one of these traits in yourself? If so, explain how and if not, explain why.


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