The Ryan Show

The Ryan Show (Guests: Gold Mouf, Kal Dawson, Mike Dowd and Mike Palazzo & Alex Bartoli)

today April 29, 2021my_locationThe Ryan Show

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Since every day is 420 on @theryanshowfm we instead decided to celebrate the work of our favorite police officer in American history @themikedowd.

Uncle Mike refused to make his return to the show via Zoom so the team was forced to mask up and make its way to Big T Studios. Mr. Dowd not only brought his unmatched resolve but was accompanied by an all new squad consisting of other former officers & the rapper they manage.

Mike & Alex of @empire_platinum extraordinarily went from policing to managing independent music talent. @computa75_ is one of these extraordinary emcees.! Not only has he toured the world and been signed to major record deals back in the 90’s but has made some classic tracks with host @darealmrcheeks132. We catch up on the past few year.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any less PC our pal @dawsonkal and artist @streetlegendgold stopped by to detail the final days of the recently departed hip hop legend Black Rob. Kal also explained his recent ordeal on Vlad TV in a true southside manner…. by calling out any and all challengers to a prize fight.

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Begin April 29, 2021 H 10:00 pm
End April 29, 2021 H 12:00 am
Location The Ryan Show
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