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Every Music Artist Should Have These 4 Essentials

todayFebruary 24, 2020 63

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4 Essentials for Every Music Artist

Discipline: Ok, so let’s assume you already have the skills necessary to become a great musician. With skill comes a mindset that has to be present in order to maximize the benefits of the skills itself. Having discipline is a mindset that one must be able to accomplish in order to focus, because without focusing how can you take a good shot at what are you aiming for? So, one of the most important things you must have is self-discipline. An example of this would be finishing a song instead of watching your favorite TV Show.

Determination: What is determination? Determination is having a strong feeling towards accomplishing a goal. For example, Suzan was determined to pass her college exam, so she studied for the whole week. If you are not determined to be successful, in whichever shape or form that may be to you, then what are you doing? Maybe, music should be left as a just hobby and not a career. Moving on…

Purpose: Now, having a purpose coincides with being determined, because in order to be determined you kinda need a reason. So, what are you doing this for? What are you trying to accomplish by being a music artist? Do you want a career as big as Jay Z or are you just trying to make a difference one song at a time? Do you want to be a global artist, on a national scale, or a local artist? These are some questions that you should really think about because at the end of the day goals are very important and having a purpose to fulfill them are even more important.

Patience: Now patience is listed last because all of this will take time. See, even though time is money, and it doesn’t stand still so neither should you. But quality is always better than quantity so having the patience to complete your music efficiently will effectively counteract how long the process will take. In other words, don’t rush the process, trust the process, and learn from it.

These are very important essentials to have when establishing yourself as an artist in today’s world of music. If you have questions feel free to email me at

Written by: LaTasha 'T-Huny' Williamson

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