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16 May 2018 Blog Interview

T-HUNY: Hey Dee, how are you this morning?

DEE: I’m blessed as always, how about yourself?

T-HUNY: I always get excited to interview talent both new and old to the game.  Briefly introduce yourself to our readers. Let them know who you are and where you are from.

DEE: I’m Dee Wile(pronounced while)a 24-year independent artist currently residing in South Florida. I am also CEO of my own label February’s Finest Records.

T-HUNY: What defines you as an artist?

DEE:  I would say the “vibe” of my music. You can’t help but feel the emotions in the records. I have a lot of people that hear my songs and tell me how much they cry listening to these records over and over because it touches them so deeply.

T-HUNY: Can you explain your approach in this music game and how it is different from others?

DEE:  My approach in the music game is simply give people the genuine me. I feel like so much of today’s music is a bunch of people portraying something that they’re not, whether it’s for social media, “clout”, or whatever the case. Dee Wile fans know that there are getting a real human, with real problems and real situations..with some real good music!!

T-HUNY:  When it comes to current mainstream America, do you find politics to play a crucial role in the genre of Hip-Hop?

DEE:  yes, politics play a HUGE role in the genre of hip-hop. rarely does good music just do the job, it’s more of a “who you know” and “what’s in it for me” type of game.

T-HUNY: Who is your favorite artist?…besides yourself of course lol!

DEE: Mainstream wise I’m a huge J.Cole fan…have been since high school. But most of my playlist consists of underground artists like Dom Kennedy, Starlito, Curren$y and VK Tuneage.

T-HUNY: What motivated you to step in the booth?

DEE:  My brother passed away in 2014 just kind of open my eyes up and made me realize that life is short so chase your dreams while you still have the chance too!

T-HUNY: If you could change something about self right now, what would it be?

DEE: I would say my patience LOL anyone that knows me knows that I have a tendency of being impatient. Only because my time is the most valuable thing in my eyes and once it’s wasted I can never get it back.

T-HUNY: If you had 3 wishes, would one of them be for world peace?

DEE: That would be my 1 wish!!! peace, love, and prosperity to all!

T-HUNYDo you find Faith to play a crucial role in the outcome of life?

DEE: I feel Faith is the most important role for anyone’s outcome in life. I feel there is always going to come a time where doubt can linger and you just go through rough periods in life. god-given but staying consistent and having faith will ultimately get you through those tough times.

T-HUNY:  What new projects are you working on? Or did you more recently release anything new? Working on anything with any mainstream artists?

DEE:  2018 has been a very busy year for me I released 2 EP’s earlier this year that both have over 25,000 streams to date. I also have my second album “Free Game”  being released  May 28th which is right around the corner…it does have a mainstream feature as well as a few tracks produced by mainstream award winning producers but fans will have to stream the album May 28th to find out who the guest feature is.

T-HUNY: Is there anything else that you would like to say to the people? Any positive words of motivation.

DEE: I would like to tell everybody that is reading to go after your dreams, go after your goals! You were not put on this Earth to work a regular 9-5. God-given talent while you still have time on this Earth. also, thanks to all the fans for the support none of this is possible without you guys.  I appreciate it more than you will ever know!

T-HUNY: Well, on behalf of Star Music Radio, I would like to thank you for your time. It was a pleasure speaking with you. Keep God first and good luck in all you do! T-Huny, Owner of Star Music Radio

DEE: Thanks for having me, I wish nothing but blessings for you and yours as well!

Connect with Dee on Social Media:

Facebook: Dee Wile


SnapChat: DeeWile17

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