Gifted Society Forever (GSF) is on the Come-up

18 May 2018 Blog Interview Interview


T-HUNY: Briefly introduce yourself to our readers. Let them know where you are from and what you represent.

GIFTED SOCIETY: Gifted Society Forever or GSF I a group of individuals who come from different backgrounds but all have the same goals and dreams and the team is lead by Duo Group (GS) Traccstar & Traffic who has been putting ample amount of work blood sweat and tears.

T-HUNY: Why do you create music?
TRAFFIC: I make music to express myself in a way I can be creative and inspirational.
TRACCSTAR: I make music because its a stress reliever for me on top of me being able to inspire kids to be better it ain’t all about drugs guns and streets. Get an education stay in school.
T-HUNY: Can you explain the definition of your name?
TRAFFIC: Ever since I was little I was always on the move, never liked to sit still. Once  I started driving u had to catch me in traffic so that why I chose TRAFFIC as my rap name.
TRACCSTAR: I chose TRACCSTAR because people always doubted me said I couldn’t do it so I looked at it as a challenge or competition and ima keep running till I can’t all gas no breaks like a drag race.
T-HUNY: When it comes to politics, what current events do you find effects our culture the most?
TRAFFIC: I personally don’t like to get into politics, it brings out the worst in people…
TRACCSTAR:  politics not really my cup of tea its something I lack and should school myself but not ready for it yet.
T-HUNY: Do you agree with Kanye West’s comment about slavery?
TRAFFIC: I believe that slavery was an ultimatum and that he shouldn’t have spoken on that subject the way he did….
TRACCSTAR: No I do not agree because a person can say I woulda did this or that until your put in that position.
T-HUNY: Any new projects? Songs? And where can we purchase them?
TRAFFIC: New single called where you from and it will be on iTunes soon as drops…
TRACCSTAR: I just dropped an Ep on dat piff called “REMEMBER DA NAME” & we will be dropping our new single VISIONS(FT. YOGOTTI) this month.
T-HUNY:  If you could change something about self right now, what would it be?
TRAFFIC:  I would change the way I handle stressful situations…
TRACCSTAR: I would change the fact that I’m too humble.
T-HUNY: Name some artists you’ve worked with and name some artists that you would like to work with.
TRAFFIC: I’ve recently worked with upcoming st. Louis artist Q-sko and multi-platinum artist Yo.Gotti
TRACCSTAR: I’ve worked with local Chicago artist like Elle B and Alabama rapper Trappy P and YoGotti. I’d like to work with Ti bun-b moneybag yo and a few more.
T-HUNY: Do you find Faith to play a crucial role in the outcome of life?
T-HUNY: Out of all the songs you’ve ever created, what is the name of your favorite song and why is it your favorite?
TRAFFIC: I have a song titled ALRIGHT
TRACCSTAR: I would have to say DRIPPIN’ because it was different it took me out my comfort zone to be a better artist. Or Remember me it gives insight into who I am.
T-HUNY: Do you have any shoutouts..words of wisdom? Anything else that you would like to discuss? Let our readers know!
GIFTED SOCIETY: our new manager Osama out of Atl, Elle-B, Heem Taylor(taylormadebeats), Trappy Perkinks,Ashleyy Redd, atlfilms, all of our fans friends and family……. And especially Brandon Moss.
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