Holy Week & Easter Sunday

16 April 2017 Faith

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How Can I Listen to the Easter Story?

Do you prefer to listen to the Easter story? Bible Gateway has a large library of audio Bibles and other resources—including several narrations and dramatizations of the Easter story. Here they are:

1. Easter in the Breathe Bible

The brand-new Breathe Bible Audio New Testament (Tyndale House, 2017) features an extremely high-quality dramatization of the Easter account as found in the book of Mark. With an all-star cast starring Kevin Sorbo, John Rhys-Davies, Josh Lucas, and others, the Breathe Bible audio experience is a great way to listen to this most famous of stories. Click to listen to the Easter story from Breathe Bible.

2. Witness the Bible: The Easter Story Dramatized

A radio theatre-style audio dramatization, with background music and different voices used for the various characters. It’s based on the 1599 Geneva Bible, with a rich vocabulary and a slightly nostalgic feel. Click to listen to the Easter story from Witness the Bible.

3. The Story of Jesus

The key moments of Jesus’ life and ministry into one audio presentation, with background music and sound effects which add to the cinematic effect. Click to listen to the Easter story from The Story of Jesus.

4. The Easter Story from The Message

This well-loved paraphrase of the Bible is one of the most listenable Bibles in our library. It’s a great choice for the Easter story. Click to listen to the Easter story from The Message.

These aren’t the only ways you can listen to the Easter story here at Bible Gateway. There are many audio Bibles in our library; browse through the available audio titles to see if your favorite Bible translation is available in audio. You can also access Bible audio while reading the Bible text itself—after looking up a Bible passage (for example, Mark 14-16), look for the audiobutton button above and to the right of the Bible text. If that button is present, then audio is available for the Bible you’re reading; simply click it to start the audio.

Lastly, you can also listen to these and other audio resources using the Bible Gateway App, available free for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Click to get the App.

These are just some of the ways you can walk through the Easter story here at Bible Gateway. In the week to come, we’ll be talking in more detail about the individual events that together compromise the Easter narrative. But there’s no better way to prepare your heart and mind for the holiday than to simple read or listen through the Easter account using one of the links above.

Holy Week infographic from the NIV QuickView Bible, available in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every day

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