Nathan Sanders talks the Kalimba and New Projects with L.Cook

15 April 2017 Blog Interview


Artist/Musician: Nathan Sanders

By: L.Cook

L Cook Hi! Good morning. How are you? Thanks for chatting with me today.

Nathan Good Morning! I’m Great! How Are You? You’re Welcome.

L Cook I am doing great thank you! I see that your love for music started at a young age when you heard Evil” by Earth, Wind & Fire. What was it about this song and the unique choice in instrument that the lead singer in particular that moved you so much?

Nathan It was the start of the song. That fire blazing groove. Also a instrument called a kalimba.

L Cook That’s awesome you had a good ear for music at such a young age. Did having your cousin Elijah Baker be a part the group “Tony, Toni, Toné” influence your musical interests at all?

Nathan Yes Indeed! Their style is Awesome and revolutionary. They are the pioneers that made the way for artists like me to come on the scene.

L Cook This is so true! It must have felt amazing to be so close to something so important musically. How difficult was it to learn to play the kalimba versus the piano?

Nathan No difficulties at all actually. The Kalimba is easy actually. If you know the notes and what key you wanna be in your good. It’s like a mini handheld piano.

L Cook That’s so cool! Would you recommend this instrument for beginners before learning the piano?

Nathan Yes

L Cook Good to know! Does your music inspire your art work, and does your art work inspire your music? Kind of like coming full circle.

Nathan Yes and Yes! It is like a full circle actually. Besides Love, Music and Art are the most beautiful languages a human can express and speak!

L Cook Beautifully put! Life would be so dull with out them. Out of your albums “The Essence Of Beauty”, “Love Has Arrived”, “Back For The First Tyme”, “Eye To Eye” And “The Nathan Sanders Experience”, which one is your personal favorite?

Nathan The Nathan Sanders Experience is my favorite.

L Cook Is there a special reason you hold The Nathan Sanders Experience as your favorite?

Nathan Yes. The Nathan Sanders Experience talks about my life. It talks about Past and present relationships , my music journey and dealing with everyday life. It’s an awesome journey that I recorded.

L Cook Nice! Sounds like a musical autobiography. Writing for television and writing a book is very impressive. I imagine there to be similarities and differences with the two. Which one is your favorite for of writing?

Nathan I actually enjoy both. Writing for television to me is a little easier that writing a book. Television ideas constantly evolve and change. With a book it’s a journey but a good journey.

L Cook I love that you can do both. Pretty impressive to be able to write in both and be good at it. Our readers are very interested to know, what is your composition process when you are creating music? Any tips or sound advice for beginners?

Nathan Yes Indeed. Thank You. When Creating Music, The Process can be easy or hard. Basically it’s all up to you. My process is easy. I can hear a melody in my head and go lay down the foundation for a song or if I’m really inspired I follow that good vibe and I work none stop until a new album is birthed! My tip would be Know yourself and know your craft. You are only as good as you allow yourself to be. You’re in charge!

L Cook Your welcome! And that’s very good advice. The harder you push yourself the better you get. Working nonstop for an album must be intense but extremely gratifying once you’re done. Are there any other projects that you are working on at the moment that you would like to share? We’re very interested in your future endeavors.

Nathan Yes Indeed hard work pays off and believing in your dreams to come true…Yes! I just released The Nathan Sanders Experience April 1st of this year. I am currently working on another new album!This new album that I am working on will be released hopefully before summer of this year.

L Cook Awesome. I look forward to hearing more of your music. You’re very talented. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today. It was fun learning about a new instrument and talking to a fellow creative.

Nathan Thank You! You’re Welcome! I enjoyed sharing ideas and chatting with you as well!

L.Cook, Content Writer and Interviewer – SMRadio




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