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Juliano & his “LUV” for Music, Drake Comparisions with a Futuristic Sound

24 May 2018 Blog Post

T-Huny: Juliano, watsup! Glad we get to chop it up for a minute. At what age did you fall in love with music?
Juliano: I fell in love with music at the age of like 7 or 8. The first song that I got attracted to that stick in my head was Country Grammer by Nelly.
T-Huny: Can you describe your sound?
Juliano: My sound is a futuristic vibe.
T-Huny: Which artist in the game would you compare yourself too and then answer how do you plan to be different from that artist?
Juliano: I get comparisons to drake. I am different because I feel I have more soul in my body and (I) have a Caribbean wave going for the streets.
T-Huny: Do you have kids? If so, do they inspire your everyday grind?
Juliano: No kids.
T-Huny:  What motivates you to keep grinding in this game that some call corrupt?
Juliano: What motivates me is people doubting me even my family that pushes me every day to become the best artist I can be.
T-Huny: Let’s discuss your new music video entitled “Luv”. What is the meaning of the record? Is the song about someone in particular? If so, what happened to make you create such a work of art?
Juliano: My visual & song “LuV” was inspired by couple events such as a fallout with 2 different women one was a younger woman about 18 at the time who was going thru medical issues and we just couldn’t work things out. The other was a fling & plus just my everyday struggle in the streets and other peoples trials & tribulations who were around me. I’m just absorbing energy from different people & it’s draining me & keeping me up at times.
T-Huny: Are there any mainstream artists that you look up to? If so who and what makes them stand out?
Juliano: Swae Lee, Drake, k Camp, Post Malone, Ozuna. They have their melodic sound.
T-Huny: Why do you create music?
Juliano: I create to express myself and (to) inspire the people with my music.
T-Huny: Any new songs…projects? If so, when are they dropping?
Juliano: I have a few songs I’m working on right now solo projects & collaborations with Jave & Lado.
T-Huny: Well it was my pleasure to conduct this interview with you today! Please take this time to let the people know where they can find you online, purchase your music and all that good stuff.
Juliano: You can purchase my music on  iTunes  Juliano “The Hidden Talent” Google Juliano The Hidden Talent 🖤   Instagram.com/juliano_ruben facebook.com/juliano773
You can follow Juliano on his social media outlets at:

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