Texas Country Artist & Christian, Madelyn Victoria Interview w/ T-Huny

20 July 2017 Blog Interview

Music Artist: Madelyn Victoria

Female Singer from Texas

Interviewer: T-Huny

T-Huny: Good morning! I hope all is well. Thanks for chatting with us today.

Madelyn: Hi there! Thank you for having me ?

T-Huny: It’s my pleasure! I’ve been excited to discuss your new single that’s out right now “He Only Loves Me On The Dance Floor”. Can you break down the meaning for our readers?

Madelyn: Yes definitely! I wrote this song about 5 years ago. I love going out dancing with my friends and family so the influence/idea started there. I love the neon lights, live Country band, and just dancing all night. I wanted people to get a sense of being on the dance floor with this song, with of course a love story behind it. A lot of people can relate to it in their own ways, but still wanted to paint that image of them dancing all night.

T-Huny: I love the concept. It is definitely a feel good type of song! How does it feel to have reached #1 on the national country AM/FM chart?

Madelyn: First of all, It has been such a blessing working with my team at MTS Management. I feel so humbled and so grateful for all their hard work. It feels great that all the hard work you’ve put in to something gets recognition and my song going #1 on this chart has truly proved to me that I’m doing something right.

T-Huny: Absolutely, holding onto Faith with the desire to succeed with definitely get you far! Contracts. Speaking of holding on, your record “Hold On” from your self entitled EP kind of touches on that topic. What was your inspiration when writing that record?

Madelyn: I wrote this song while I was living in Dallas, TX with my best friend. It was week before going in to the studio to record this EP and I wanted to add a song with a romantic feel to it. I thought that the fiddle would be a perfect intro and to keep it as a main instrument through out the song, with steel guitar swells in the background. The music really comes together with my lyrics as I’m talking about holding on to a love that’s come your way and never letting go, a love that is true and destined- something I hope to have someday.

T-Huny: Beautifully written!

Madelyn: Thank you so much!

T-Huny: How has your Faith in God motivate you to become an artist?

Madelyn: I feel like my faith and passion for being a Country music artist has been instilled in me straight from God. I have always been the same since I was a little girl, striving for my dreams. It’s the way I honor God, showing the world who He is through my music. I know I may not be in the Christian music category, but I am a Christian who happens to love and play Country music and am not ashamed of sharing my faith with others. It’s a simple thing really, and I am so thankful and blessed I get to do what I love.

T-Huny: That is commendable. Being a follower and spreading His word while creating music that express love is love in its self. Now, I know you are big on community and volunteering. You have even started your own annual event called “Octave Higher Christmas”! When did thia start and how did you come about with the idea to begin it?

Madelyn: Yes I just love to do things for others! I love it as much as singing. So I decided to combine the two with “Octave Higher Christmas” My mom would always say how thankful we must be for our health especially during holidays because not everyone gets to be home celebrating due to sickness or whatever life situation someone is struggling with. I adopted this idea into “Octave Higher Christmas” by hopefully making someone’s Christmas an “octave higher”. I give a free show, and throw a Christmas party for a different organization each year- Easter Seals and the special education department of my local school district were the first two. Last year I was extremely busy during December but I still made time to visit the children’s wing at a local hospital to sing to them, hopefully bringing a little cheer to the patients. I am already planning this year’s “Octave Higher Christmas” event and can’t wait to see joy all over the place!

T-Huny: Amazing! Everyone deserves to feel loved, especially during the holidays and I am sure your contributions are helping those who could use it. Can you let our readers know where they can go to listen to your music and where to find you on social media?

Madelyn: I would love for everyone to go download my songs off of iTunes/Apple music, or even stream it on Spotify! You can also give me a like on Facebook as well and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I’m always online trying to reach out to my audience, who consider friends, and will be releasing more music here real soon, so y’all be on the look out!

T-Huny: On behalf of Star Music Radio, I would like to thank you for speaking with us today. We will definitely be in the look out for your upcoming projects!

Madelyn: Thank you so much for having me!

You can follow Madelyn Victoria on Facebook by clicking here -> facebook.com/madelynvictoria

Ceo/Founder, T-Huny


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