Major Swagg in His Dance!

Written by on July 4, 2020


Hailing from Oakland, California, Richard “Swagg” Curtis IV is known for being the creator of a dance called “Swagg Bouncee”. What is Swagg Bounce? Swagg Bouncee is a creative dance that Swagg created during a dance class he was teaching. It involves your shoulders moving in the opposite of each other while pointing your knees up and then your right shoulder points up and then vise versa. This dance captured the eyes of many on social media and even influenced some of the music industry’s top artists by utilizing it in their own dance routines. This craze brought smiles to many as they danced, and some even added their own styles to it.

Learn how to Swagg Bouncee!

Who is Richard “Swagg” Curtis IV? He is not only a choreographer and a great dancer but also an actor and model. He first started dancing at the age of 4 and then continued on as his teacher encouraged. Swagg’s dancing skills lead him to get his first professional dancing job at the age of 9 with the Golden State Warriors, Jr Jam Squad. He’s being represented by Bloc Talent Agency. Swagg can be seen on X-Factor, Disney’s Just Dance video-game, and Kids Choice Awards. Some TV and Film projects Swagg has been a part of were 2019 Coachella – Childish Gambino and in 2018, Janet Jackson’s Billboard Award Performance.

2018 Billboard Awards – Janet Jackson

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