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Meet Charlie Alpha Papa

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T-Huny – First off, I’d like to thank you for servicing our country. I have family in the military and I hold you all in high regard. What made you sign up for the military and how long were you in it for?


Charlie – Thank you! I joined the Air Force to give my family a better life than what we had at the time. I served for 9 years and got out to pursue music goals that I couldn’t do while on active duty.


T-Huny – Being both a doctor and a musician, you are helping people. As a physician in a physical sense and as a musician in an emotional sense. What made you decide to peruse both lines of work and do you prefer one over the other?


Charlie – Well to clarify, I am an RN, not a physician, although I am now back in school to become a Nurse Practitioner. I was a medic in the military so naturally, I evolved to provide more income and stability for my fam, but music is a huge part of who I am. Healthcare pays the bills and music supplements that, also keep me sane. I do feel as though it also helps people on an emotional level and that makes me proud, probably more proud than caring for patients.

T-Huny – Tell me a little bit about yourself in regards to your musical background? And when did you discover you had a passion for music?


I remember being fascinated with music at an early age, while in diapers still. Performing, however, came along when I was probably in kindergarten. I wanted to be on stage and work a crowd. High school is when I finally decided to do something so I went into drama, and started writing poetry and songs.


T-Huny – Not only are you a recording artist and producer but you are also the owner and publisher of Capishmusic based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. How did this come about? And what advice can you give new record label owners when it comes to running a business. 


Charlie – I guess I’m a bit of a control freak, I sought out as much information possible to run a label and do as much of the work as I could to cut out any middle man. A -I pay no one for my works, and B- my success is determined only by my work and dedication to the arts. I would tell anyone pursuing these goals to research and do everything you can on your own to make your business YOUR business.

T-Huny – Your new song “On the Rocks” was released on Valentine’s Day. Can you elaborate on the concept and who produced the record?


Charlie – Yes, after a rough year with Covid, no outings and what seemed like work after work, I came up with the lyrics one night. I guess I was just wanting to de-stress and instead of being able to go have a drink at the bar, I wrote a song instead. Byrd is the name of the composer and I recorded at my home studio, sent the track to my manager, Christianne, who sent it to Marvalis for a feature.


T-Huny – So being a doctor by day and an artist at night has to be both challenging and rewarding. What is your daily schedule like?

Charlie – Again, I want to specify that I am a nurse…but I usually do three twelve-hour shifts a week. That gives me four days off to get everything else done in music and family life. I have two school-aged children whom I have to home school due to Covid so I’m a very busy man, all the time. My wife is also a nurse and thanks God for her support in my endeavors.”

T-Huny – Having over 1 million streams and 50,000 listeners a month shows that you are an established artist. What advice can you give to other artists out there who are discouraged due to the pandemic?


Such a blessing! This past year was rough but being cooped up in the house made me find more ways to promote and reach more fans. It’s almost a full time job. I reached out and obtained a manager to help with this and we’ve been a remarkable force. I couldn’t have gained so much momentum without her. To those trying to do the same, like Nike says, just do it! With the internet and all the outlets for musicians, the only excuse you have is you.


T-Huny – Do you find a correlation between music and emotions and if so, do you think music is therapeutic? If so, why?


Charlie – Directly related to emotions. People listen to music to enhance, amplify, suppress, invoke, and relate to emotions on every level and aspect of them. 99% of the songs I wrote came from emotion so I know it’s therapeutic for me. I would say that as a listener as well, music is therapy.

T-Huny – When people listen to your music, what do you want them to pull from it? 


Charlie – I want them to feel it, not just hear it, but relate to it. The most rewarding experience in this business is to get feedback from fans saying they had a hard time and my music got them through it. It’s invaluable.


T-Huny – Well I’d like to thank you for your time and for interviewing with me. Is there anything else you’d like to say or mention and where can our supports follow you on social media? 

Charlie – Truly appreciate your time and the opportunity! My social media is @capishmusic and/or by googling capishmusic or Charlie Alpha Papa. Much luv and God bless!”

Written by: LaTasha 'T-Huny' Williamson

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