LaTasha “T-Huny” Williamson / Owner

I am mom of 4 children and a professional Business Women who graduated with a degree in Science. I am the Owner of several businesses, a couple being and SMRLive.TV. My attributes to the entertainment industry includes being a seasoned music recording artist and songwriter, the founder and owner of Star Music Radio Station with acting and modeling experience. I am an advocate for equality, motivation and love.

Star Music Radio Station was developed to allow independent artists, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers etc., with a platform to stand on. I dedicate my free time to promoting, marketing and developing new ideas that contributes to the platform provided. Star Music Radio Station is built on a foundation of Faith and our motto is that we strive to inspire in any positive way that we can. Our radio station is bigger than music, as we are huge advocates for community service and giving people a voice to be heard.

Being a rap artist in today’s world can hold challenges, but one thing I’ve learned is to never give up. My Faith installed in me by God, has only given me the strength to continue to succeed throughout all the ups and downs that life may bring. From being homeless to chronically sick to overwhelmed and stressed. God has always seen me through and because of Him I stand tall and I am able to do what I am today.

My new single “Comfort Me” produced by, Multi-Platinum and Grammy Nominated Music Producer Herb Middleton., the CEO of NuVybe Records, was released worldwide Nov 1st, 2019 via The Klymaxx Corporation/Universal Music Group Distribution. Stream it or purchase it on All Platforms worldwide.


My Favorite Bible Verse

“God is love, whoever lives in love, lives in God and God in him.” ~ 1 john 4:16

I encourage the youth and more experienced people alike to contribute to society in a positive light by simply being the best version of ‘you’!

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