LaToya Jennifer


I’m a professional Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist with over 10 years experience helping others make healthy lifestyle changes. I am also apart of the Promotion Team at Star Music Radio Station. I utilize my marketing and promotion business called LJ Promotions, to help promote Star Music Radio Station at my events.

Aside from working at my Personal Fitness Company and running LJ Promotions, I spend my time traveling. Having experience as a travel agent and traveling all over the world has given me the opportunity to network and connect with many individuals of various backgrounds and professions. This has aided in my abilities to provide exceptional promotion for Star Music Radio Station.

My Favorite Saying

“Listen. The opinion of those who aren’t putting in the work with you and supporting you DON’T MATTER. Keep pushing.” – LaToya

Star Music Radio Station was developed to allow independent artists, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers etc., with a platform to stand on. Star Music Radio Station is built on a foundation of Faith and our motto is that we strive to inspire in any positive way that we can. Our radio station is bigger than music, as we are huge advocates for community service and giving people a voice to be heard.

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