Patricia Goins


Hello, my name is Patricia M. Goins, I am a native of Columbus, Ohio and mother of four. I am the CEO of Around The World Media Inc, host and originator of On The Move Unscripted, a podcast on iHeart radio, and founder of the Atlanta Music Industry Group on Facebook.  I am truly honored to be apart of the Star Music Radio Station Family. I appreciate LaTasha ‘T-Huny’  Williamson and Kenneth Stout for offering me this opportunity. 

I began my entertainment career as a writer and author in 2003. I have dabbled in just about every area of the entertainment industry. From self-publishing a total of 7 books, to acting and filmmaking, to recording music with Living My Best Life producer Mr. Hanky, to performing my hit song Superwoman from coast to coast, to marketing and promoting other entertainers, to hosting successful radio shows in both Atlanta and Chicago. My indie entertainment journey has taken me all around the United States, from Miami, to NYC, to LA.  Of all the different areas of the industry, I believe I’ve found my home in the communications and broadcasting arena.  I’ve had the pleasure of  interviewing celebrities, upcoming artists, and helping to break records into the industry for the last 10 years.




My Favorite Bible Verse: Many people constantly ask me how I was able to overcome child abuse, domestic violence, divorce, homelessness, and still do so many things in the industry without any formal education or training. My favorite bible quote is usually how I like to answer those questions:

“With Faith In God, Nothing Is Impossible”– Luke 1:7

Star Music Radio Station was developed to allow independent artists, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers etc., with a platform to stand on. Star Music Radio Station is built on a foundation of Faith and our motto is that we strive to inspire in any positive way that we can. Our radio station is bigger than music, as we are huge advocates for community service and giving people a voice to be heard.

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