RL Jackson’s Shiny New Things

Written by on April 20, 2020

When it comes to Web Series, “Shiny New Things” created by RL Jackson is a must see during lockdown. This futuristic show takes place in the year 2035, after a nuclear war has wiped out much of human kind and earth’s necessary resources. In doing so, a new government is controlling what use to be and everyone is put into sectors according to specific factors.

RL Jack

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RL Jackson is the amazing creator behind “Shiny New Things”. RL Jackson is not only a writer but also a producer, director, and a top Amazon author. She has written books such as Crashing Into Me Series. There are 3 books so far written in this exciting, provocatively yet classy piece of art.

“Shiny New Things” Trailer

Click here to watch “Shiny New Things” on the Fantasy Network!

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