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Ryan Combs Talks Suge Knight Biopic with T-Huny and Soko Nix

todayApril 24, 2022 2

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Ryan Combs

Ryan Combs, is a phenomenal and well accomplished Writer, Film Producer, Director and Actor. He stopped by “The Celebrity Spot” to discuss his latest projects, The Suge Knight Biopic and a horror film, “Cassie Mae”. He enlightened our audience with insight on the film industry, how he got his start and what it means to be a Director vs Producer. In this detailed interview, Ryan conversates with T-Huny and Soko Nix about some of his best films, upcoming films and A-listers he worked with, such as Blair Underwood and Ving Rhames. Starting at a young age and full of motivation, Ryan Combs developed his empire to the stature it stands today. This is definitely motivating, especially when someone emerges through the mud that life can drag us through. To hear the full interview, click on the link below!

Some films by Ryan Combs

Straight Out of Comptom (1999)

"Four men learn that putting one over on a gangster is both rewarding and potentially suicidal in this urban action-thriller. Hen (Ryan Combs) is a small-time crook who has just gotten out of jail and isn't interested in going back any time soon." (IMDB.com)

Mafia (2012)

"New Year's Eve 1975: Two cop detectives are staking out Renzo. He's suspected of killing a cop among others. Will the 2 cops do the necessary to get their man?" (IMDB.com)

Caged Animal (2010)

"Cain's often challenged in prison by wannabes. Cain's later offered a chance to talk with kids from the hood, incl. his own son, so they don't end up in prison." (IMDB.com)

The Hit (2007)

"The Hit is the sequel to cult favorite Straight Out of Compton, in which Blair Underwood stars as Hen, an up-and-coming record executive whose goal is to bring all rival rap record labels together and form one black-owned label that gives back to the community. While building this label he crosses paths with the Mob. Suddenly he's not just fighting for his business - he's fighting for his life." (IMDB.com)

Photo Credit: IMDB.com
Photo Credit: IMDB.com
Photo Credit: IMDB.com
Photo Credit: IMDB.com

Click Here to listen to his interview on “The Celebrity Spot“, hosted by T-Huny and Soko Nix. 

Written by: LaTasha 'T-Huny' Williamson

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