SamMillion Hit the “Lotto”

Written by on November 7, 2020

SamoMillion hits us with a new banger called “Lotto”

SamoMillion, a multi-genre artist in his own lane drops a new vibe called “Lotto”. During his interview with T-Huny on “Serious Drip Indie”, his discusses the meaning behind the title and how he feels about the concept in which it derives from. SamoMillion fuses Hip Hop and Pop with Afrobeats and Caribbean vibes.

SamoMillion, grew up in Florida where life circumstances made him have to mature quickly. With hardship there’s growth and SamoMillion found a way to channel the hardships through music. Music became a way for SamoMillion to express himself and that aided in the growth that he has seen today. Being inspired by the likes of Bob Marley, Wyclef Jean, and Soulja Slim, he learned to develop his craft and style of music. Hard work pays off and it did for SamoMillion as he just bridged a partnership with MotorMouthMusicGroup and together they have released his new single “Lotto”.

With a diverse style and one of its kind, SamoMillion delivers catchy hooks and lyrics in his new banger “Lotto”. If you haven’t heard it yet, please make sure you watch his music video below.

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