Serious Drip Indie Video Show

Top 20 Indie Music Video Countdown

SMR Live TV Network, LLC presents “Serious Drip Indie” Top 20 Music Video Countdown, showcasing the Top 20 Independent Artists, worldwide. We are now taking submission from artists to be apart of this show. This Music Video Show will air on SMR Live TV and each video in the countdown will also be placed in rotation for our music video channel that will be playing Indie Music Videos, and other videos alike 24/7. To take part in this opportunity, please follow the steps below. Music videos must have no cursing, vulgar or explicit language, as we are a family friendly network. We have the right to be selective. Please send the information listed below to (Put “Top 20 Video Submission” in the subject line).

  1. Your Name 
  2. Your Artist Name
  3. Featured Artist Name (if applicable)
  4. City/State/Country 
  5. Title of Music Video
  6. Are you with one of the PROS? (Ascap, BMI etc.)
  7. Song Genre
  8. Phone Number
  9. Email


If you have any questions, please email


Submit a traditional audition for free or purchase a promotional package to get a guaranteed offer to be on one of our shows! 1. Purchase a package. 2. Get casted. It's that simple! (We have the right to be reserved and you must adhere to the guidelines.) Click the button below to secure your spot.

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