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Written by on July 8, 2020

Today’s world of entertainment consists of the inability to self proclaim fun without personally creating it – meaning we rely on others or things to fulfill that sense of enjoyment. An example of this would be a really good movie, or an action-packed video game or a song that has a melody to your life’s tune. In essence, I am speaking on the creations of electronics and other devices that push these to bigger heights. SMR Live TV Network is one of these devices.

SMR Live TV Network provides next-level entertainment by streaming free radio and music. SMR Live TV also streams movies, TV, and audiobooks, all on one platform. This is not only convenient but it provides a level of entertainment for Faith-based individuals and family fun. SMR Live TV Network is a branch of Star Music Radio Station, so a lot of the radio content will be provided by Star Music Radio. However, others are invited to submit their content for consideration. The content that we are searching for includes radio shows or podcasts, Indie Films or TV shows, audiobooks and music, and music videos.

About SMR Live TV

Star Music Radio Station, created by LaTasha ‘T-Huny’ Williamson, presents SMR Live TV Network. SMR Live TV provides next-level entertainment by offering music, radio, movies, TV, and audiobooks all on one platform. Stream unlimited content for your enjoyment on, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS & Android devices. Being family-friendly, our foundation is built off of Faith, inspiration & motivational content. Our mission is to encourage & uplift others through entertainment by providing the resources to do so. Our music section plays many different types of genres. We stream everything from Hip-Hop to Pop music, Christian to Gospel. You can find both local artists & your favorite celebrities on SMR Live TV. Click here to read more.

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