Team members


Assistant Music Director

Donovan Lacroxi

Donovan is now working as an intern in Star Music Radio Station's programming department, as the Music Programmer and Assistant Music Director. He is responsible for creating and rotating Star Music Radio Station's Hip Hop and R&B playlists.

Radio Host

SoKo Nix

My Name is ​Nikkiah​ ​Wolfe​ aka ​Soko​ ​Nix​. Years ago, I was an​ aspiring music artist and I performed off and on. I got very ill right as I was about to ​sign my first deal​ and record my first album​.

Radio Host

Mr. Stout

Mr. Stout aka Dj Skeembeatzradio it all started off many years ago when Hiphop was fresh and new . I started with two technique turntables a dual cassette player and a microphone .