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15 January 2018 Announcements

We like to support others in many ways. One being, by providing affordable marketing and promotion services for Independent Brands. Marketing and promoting is very important and fundamental to becoming successful with your business acquisitions. Maintaining a high standard for not only yourself but those who you are affiliated with, is also important.

Think about it, is it possible to learn without trying? Is it possible to grow without nourishment? Honestly speaking, it is not. We as people, as a community need to put all of our efforts together to formulate business growth. With that said, we are scheduling phone and blog interviews to do just that. A small contribution fee is required in order to book. RIght now it’s $5 for blog interviews and $7 for phone interviews.

Blog Interview: A Blog interview is when we send you questions via email or messenger and then you send us your typed responses back. We then, write up a blog article referencing your answers from your interview. See, it’s that simple and such a great way to provide marketing and promotion for your brand.

Phone Interview
: A phone interview consists of us doing the interview via phone call. On your scheduled date and time, we will call you at the number provided. The interview will then be prerecorded and released at the date specified. We will also promote your interview on our social media and website platforms.

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