Windy Curve #Poem

26 March 2017 Liquid Emotions

By: T-Huny

Have you ever thought about where the wind blows?

Under the trees and into a manhole

Beneath the stars where the shine expands

Over a mountain and into a man

Realistically, we just can’t tell

But to feel what the wind feels

The curve it proclaims to evaluate the next

A functioning addict who resembles the best

You judged the judge so there’s no judging left

But an open chest filled with hearts from the hopeless

Its gone, how long will you frown upon wisdom

When the wind blows across the east like the west’s business

Me for once, running alone in style

Stay flawed from my head to my bell bottoms

I don’t hope, I just pray

I don’t cry unless it’s May

Because then will the blossoms bloom

Right before the month of June

Acoustic sounds in the ears of the survivor

If bells could ring would you invite her

Simply think, what beauty the wind blows

As it curves the hills and enters your soul.


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