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SoKo Nix


My Name is ​Nikkiah​ ​Wolfe​ aka ​Soko​ ​Nix​. Years ago, I was an​ aspiring music artist and I performed off and on. I got very ill right as I was about to ​sign my first deal​ and record my first album​. After, being ill for many years and struggling from the many tribulations, clinical depression being one of them, I didn’t have the ​all or nothing​ drive I once did and felt was required of me to return as an ​artist.
Instead​, I choose to ​piece my life back together​, focus on my family, learn the tools of self care again and ​regain faith​ in myself. ​Having your life turned upside down​ by an assortment of things you can’t always control in life ,such as, illness, loss and deep depression, gives you a ​very unique perspective.​ It’s not until you pull yourself to the surface for air, that you are able to benefit from it. Over the years, ​I’ve missed music deeply and helped ​younger artists ​and ​friends​ from time to time.
Recently​, I’ve wanted to ​return​ in some capacity, not as a performer , but something new that I could ​benefit from​ and ​contribute my life experiences.
Being surrounded by ​positive people​ was also very important to me. When this opportunity came along with ​T-Huny​ and ​Star Music Radio, ​ it was the ​perfect fit!​ I’m excited​ for my next journey in ​life.


My Favorite Bible Verse

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.“ – Corinthians 13:11

Star Music Radio Station was developed to allow independent artists, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers etc., with a platform to stand on. Star Music Radio Station is built on a foundation of Faith and our motto is that we strive to inspire in any positive way that we can. Our radio station is bigger than music, as we are huge advocates for community service and giving people a voice to be heard.

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